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Living With Type 2 Diabetes

What to Do if You Want a Green Burial But There Are No Green Burial Sites in Your Area

by Regina Perry

Green burials in growing in popularity throughout Australia, but there are only a few sites that offer this type of burial. If you are planning a funeral and burial for a loved one or if you are planning your own final resting place, you may be wondering what to do. Here are some ideas that can help if there's not a green burial site nearby.

1. Transport

In some cases, it may be possible to transport the body to a green burial site. Funeral homes may offer transport services. Depending on your preferences, you could arrange to have the body transported after the funeral.

Alternatively, you could have the body transported to a funeral home near the green burial site, and you could do the entire service in that area. Surprisingly, destination funerals are becoming more popular, so that may be something to consider.

2. Traditional Cemeteries

If transport is not reasonable in your situation, you may want to consider alternatives. Some traditional cemeteries now offer green burial in parts of their plots. Your local funeral home director has connections and can let you know what's happening at traditional cemeteries near you.

3. Private Property

In some cases, burial on private property is an option. The laws vary from area to area, and you need to secure approval from the local government. Again, a funeral home director can often point you in the right direction in this regard. In almost all cases, burial is not allowed on small properties in towns or cities but rather is restricted to large rural properties.

4. Modified Traditional Burial

If you cannot find a way to do natural burial in a traditional cemetery or on private property, you may want to consider modifying traditional burial practices slightly to make the process more similar to a green burial. To that end, you may want to request to not have the body embalmed. Note however that the decomposition process starts fairly quickly, so that may necessitate having the funeral quickly after the death. It's also important to consider that different cemeteries in different areas have specific rules on embalming, caskets, liners and vaults

To further evoke the idea of a green burial at a traditional cemetery, you may want to choose a grave marker similar to the types used at a green burial site. For example, you may want a natural looking stone with a short inscription. If allowed by the cemetery, you may want to put in a plant or a tree.

For more ideas and details related to green burials or funeral planning in general, contact a funeral director.