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Living With Type 2 Diabetes

How Microsuction Could Help You With Your Ear Issues

by Regina Perry

If you were to ask a cross-section of people what they should do with commercially available cotton wool buds, they might say that they were best for cleaning out your ears. However, this type of solution should never be used for that kind of activity, as it could cause more harm than good. Consequently, if you are worried about a buildup of anything within your ear, then the last thing that you should do is to poke around by yourself. You should instead seek professional advice. In this case, you may be able to benefit from microsuction, but what is this and how does it work?

Dealing with Ear Wax or Other Issues

In most cases, ear wax is perfectly safe and is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is supposed to be there. The human body is perfectly capable of regulating the amount of ear wax, and any excess will typically fall out of the ear without any additional help.

However, people may sometimes develop complications or may have some other type of impediment in the ear that does require more investigation. Nevertheless, this is always an area for an expert, as the inside of the ear is very sensitive, and damage can easily be caused.

Microsuction in Action

A nurse or doctor may be able to use a process known as microsuction, which is generally acclaimed to be the best way to clean the inside of the ear. They will use a microscope which is gently inserted into the ear along with a suction device. The process does not use any irrigation. Now that they can see quite clearly within the ear, they will be able to use a suction device to remove any foreign objects as they work.

Sometimes, this procedure can be slightly uncomfortable, especially if the object is quite hard. In this case, the ear may need to be pretreated before the procedure. This will involve the use of a special spray that is available over the counter and should be applied for a couple of days before the actual appointment.

Recommended Procedure

Microsuction is particularly effective for those who have some type of ear-related problem already. If they have an infection of the middle ear or have previously had surgery in this area, then this type of procedure will be recommended.

Safety First

Remember, do not use cotton buds to poke around inside your ear canal in a vain attempt to clear up the wax. You may compound an issue, trigger an ear infection and have to go to a medical professional for further advice.

For more information on microscopic ear clean options, contact an ENT doctor.