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Living With Type 2 Diabetes

Planning to Travel Out of Australia? Why You Need to Have Your Yellow Fever Vaccination

by Regina Perry

If you live in Australia and you plan to travel to the tropical or subtropical areas of South America or Africa, you'll need to receive your yellow fever vaccination before you travel. The same is true if you plan to travel to Australia from any of those regions. Once you've been vaccinated for yellow fever, you'll receive an International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis. That certificate will allow you to travel to other countries, especially those that require the certification. It will also allow you to travel to Australia. If you've decided to try to avoid the vaccination, you should rethink that decision. Read the information provided below. Here are just three of the reasons you need to have a yellow fever vaccination before you travel.

Yellow Fever Is Spread by Mosquitoes

Yellow fever is not a contagious disease, which means you can't pass it to someone else. Yellow fever is actually a disease that's spread by mosquitoes. That means you can get the disease from mosquito bites. Unfortunately, there's no way to provide 100% protection against mosquito bites, which is why vaccination is so important. If you're going to be travelling to a country where there's a risk of contracting yellow fever and you'll be in an area where mosquitoes are active, you need to have your vaccination before you travel. 

There Is no Cure for Yellow Fever

If you're going to be travelling to an area of the world where yellow fever is prevalent, it's important that you receive your vaccination. You might not realise this, but there is no cure for yellow fever. Once you have the disease, you'll need to let it run its course. While treatments are available for the disease, they're intended to reduce the severity of the symptoms you're experiencing. The best way to protect yourself from the disease is to receive the vaccination before you travel anywhere that has an increased risk for yellow fever. 

The Disease Can Be Fatal

Finally, if you've decided to seek an exemption from the yellow fever vaccination, that might not be the best plan of action. In many cases, yellow fever presents with symptoms that are much like the flu. However, once those symptoms subside, an additional layer of symptoms may develop. Those symptoms can include high fevers, jaundice, severe bleeding, and organ failure. Unfortunately, those symptoms can be fatal. To protect yourself from serious symptoms associated with yellow fever, be sure you're vaccinated prior to travel.